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La Princesse

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We are serving people since 2015 with more than 12 branches all around the country!


Coffee Shops | 5AM - 1AM
Flower Shop | 10AM - 10PM

Our Menu

We offer Hot & Cold Coffee, Cake & Pastries from 5AM to 1AM in 11 branches.

Spanish Latte (S)

Coffee - Hot Drink

QR. 23

LAP Tiramisu

Coffee - Cold Drink

QR. 30


Plain/Cheese/Cream Cheesse/Zattar

QR. 12

Halloumi Sandwich

Bread, Mayonnaise, Haloumi Cheese, Lettuce (Lollo Bionda) Tomato

QR. 14

Beef Burger

Ground Beef, Patty, Cheese

QR. 30

Flower Arrangements | Chocolates

Other Services

LAP Florist

Flower Arrangements & Chocolates For Any Occasions!

LAP Florist is an special branch located in Bani hajer - Ar Rayyan offering flower arrangements & chocolates for special occasions.